The 4th International Art and Literary Contest “Proud to be Polish” is addressed to participants aged 5-20 from Poland and Polish Communities around the world. The main aim of the Contest is to promote patriotism and encourage children and youth to search for patriotic models and ideals. We hope the Contest will encourage participants to extend their knowledge about Poland, its national tradition and culture. We also hope that it will contribute to the formation of a positive image of Poland among Poles and foreigners.

This year’s Contest is accompanied by the motto “My Hero”. Participants are expected to submit an art or literary work presenting the profile of a Polish Hero whom we admire and wish to emulate. It should be a distinguished person presenting exceptional virtues, important accomplishments or traits such as heroism, altruism, etc. It may be a known person from Polish history, someone living now, even someone from our community.

The Contest Regulations and more details you can find: here (pdf)

The Contest Application form can be downloaded: here (pdf)

Works should be submitted no later than 7 April 2014. The results will be announced in May 2014 and the final ceremony of the contest, handing of the prizes, and opening of the post-contest exhibition will take place in June 2014 at the Chamber Hall of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok.


Additional information may be obtained by calling : (48) 85 651 76 70 or through e-mail:


The contest is held under the Link to Poland media patronage.



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