These are the events that set the organisation’s direction of development in order to continue efficient realisation of its vision conceived in 1949: „Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential”. Every year the Congress is held in another country. It took place in Poland twice so far: in 1996 and 2006.

In 2016, AIESEC International Congress comes to Poland for the third time. AIESEC Polska applied for the right to organize it already in autumn of 2014. The event was given to AIESEC Polska by a decision of AIESEC International and national member committee staken during a General Assembly. Polish application was positively assessed thanks to the successful organisation of EuroXpro 2014, high results of AIESEC Polska in terms of exchanges realisation and good memories from previous AIESEC International Congresses hosted by Poland.

By bringing the Congress to Poland again we want to give the Polish youth a chance to speak in front of their friends from around the world, present Poland’s heritage and its potential to our guests as well as gather in one place representatives of different generations, environments and cultures and inspire them to act together. Through the Congress we want to strengthen the cooperation between the governmental, corporate and nongovernmental sectors as well as contribute to the creation of innovative solutions to problems associated with the themes of the Congress: entrepreneurship, sustainable growth and diversity. By organising the Congress in Poland we want to make Poles proud and confirm their openness to the diversity of the world. We want to enhance in the eyes of foreigners the image of Poland as a country of innovation and unique cultural heritage.

AIESEC International Congress will take place from the 14th to 23rd of August 2016 with more than 1000 young participants from 126 countries of the world. As a gathering of the youth, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers of global business, it will constitute a platform of dialogue, allowing discussion and new solutions being developed for the problems young people see within the themes of the Congress.

During the Congress a few additional special events will be held too. The Opening Ceremony is to provide a solemn start of the Congress, Global Village will take participants on a cultural trip around the world in one evening, Polish Night will encourage visitors to learn more about the achievements and rich culture of Poland, Global YouthSpeak Forum will be a chance to participate in a series of business panels, while Gala Night willreveal the most effective national member committees of AIESEC in terms of international exchanges.

If you want to learn more about AIESEC International Congress, AIESEC Polska invites you to visit International Congress website and Facebook

Contact directly with Jakub Orłowski, the Vicepresident of the Congress Committee for AIESEC International Congress –

If you are an entrepreneur interested in becoming a partner of the Congress you can contact Adrian Dykty, the Congress Committee Vice President Business Development –

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Source: AIESEC


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