Dear Sir, Madam, Youth and Children,

The Culture Center Dorożkarnia would like to  invite you to participate in an art competition, which has the honourable patronage of Anna Komorowska, the wife of the President of Poland.

This competition is aimed at Polish children and youth, aged 11-19,  who live abroad. We would like to get to know you and your outlook on the history of Poland.

Do you know the history of Poland already? Or do you want to discover it? This competition is a great opportunity for that. Look into books, talk to your parents, grandparents – maybe they can give you an idea? For your work pick one event, which in your opinion is important for Poland. Maybe it had an impact on the development of the country? Or maybe it caused its regress? Maybe it is something widely known? Maybe it was only possible thanks to one specific person? You can reach for any historic event, from any time, but you do have to explain your choice. We encourage you to not only think about the most recent history.

The Best Works will be shown at two exhibitions in Warsaw (one will be a traditional indoors exhibition and the other on banners in the public space). Winners will receive copies of the catalogues and  books by famous Polish authors.

Share your opinions with us. Your outlook on the Polish history, will also be a history lesson for those visiting the exhibitions in Warsaw, Tarnobrzeg, Plock, Kutno, Torun and many, many other cities, where they will be presented in 2014.

We wish you creative ideas.


Katarzyna Krasowska                                                           Iwona Okupska

 Arti Supervisor                                                                     Project Coordinator



 The contest rules can be found: HERE


More information on: Dom Kultury Dorożkarnia and  FB profile.



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