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There is no need to possess any special power to bake your own bread at home. Believe me or not but baking bread at home is as simple as breathing. All you have to do is to be patient and believe in yourself.

The „Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 Jumps” project is an ambitious and innovative undertaking, that demands a lot of experience, knowledge, grit and courage.

The project is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

Any experienced housewife owns a secret notebook full of secret recipes, which very often were hard to find but once received from their grandmothers, aunts or work mates are always handed over onto future generations.

It happens to all of us. Sometimes such situations occur, that totally unexpectedly, independently of us, our life has to change. These circumstances turn our current rhythm and well-known, established order upside-down and force us to find a “plan B”. That’s also what happened here…

Some people say that spending time in the kitchen is not a pleasure duty at all and they would love to pass it onto someone else. For me cooking has always been a relaxing and truly magical activity.