The „Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 Jumps” project is an ambitious and innovative undertaking, that demands a lot of experience, knowledge, grit and courage. One of the aims is to emphasize Polish contribution to the world of extreme sports. We’ll be the first Polish crew that will jump from Kjerag. We’ll be the ones that will set a new world record unbeaten from ’90. Such achievements always go into history and continue to reverberate through time.

Dream Walker is a cyclical project. We want to show everybody that has dreams about flying not only that Dream Jump can help to fulfill them, but also the World seen from completely different perspective. We will reach biggest precipices and discover new potential of places that were only visited. We’ll show them how to fly without wings.

In order to become one of the 20 participants of the Dream Walker 2013 you must send an application that includes:

• Name, surname, date of birth, pseudonym, telephone number.

• Extreme cover letter

(Participators of Dream Walker need to be of age and cannot be more than 60 years old)

If application is accepted, one has to transfer 3500 PLN (arounda 840 EUR) within 14 from decision. Price includes:

• 2 Dream Jumps from Kjerag

• 3 days of  training on Dream Tower 222m in Głogów

• insurance

• profesional videos and photos from the journey.

(Price does not include logistic costs: transport, accomodation, food).


Remember also about Dream Walker contest for logo. You can win the participation in the journey for the world record in jumps with line assurance. All details and regulations on:  FB and as PDF

More information about the project: and


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