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The 22nd WOŚP Finale will remain long in the minds of the people of Hull and its environs. We have been playing for three days – from Friday to Sunday – and as we declared, we have been playing louder, stronger and non-stop. The staff, volunteers, sponsors, friends and guests gave all their hearts and over more than 150 per cent effort into collecting as much money as possible, in order to buy equipment for children’s emergency medicine and the treatment of Polish senior citizens.

This Sunday, January 12th, 2014, once again the Grand Finale will be organised. This year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are collecting money in order to help purchase the specialised equipment necessary for medicines to help children facing emergencies and for dignified senior citizen healthcare.

Time is going fast. We are quickly approaching the next WOŚP Final. This year’s the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will play on January 12th, 2014 in order to help purchase the specialized equipment necessary for children emergency medicine and dignified senior citizen healthcare. From the very beginning, Link to Poland has supported the Great Finale -organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity foundation. We are glad to inform you that this year we have officially joined the media supporting WOŚP.