Detective Jolly Head Street of Secrets – the new game on the market of free applications allows children to unfold the fascinating world of mystery and investigations which bring the best crime stories to mind.

Detective Jolly Head Street of Secrets is a representative of the “hidden object” genre and it requires players to find indicated items and solve puzzles. Therefore, it helps develop spatial memory, perceptivity and analytical skills. It allows users to collect evidence, analyse it at a laboratory and interrogate suspects—all that in a familiar and friendly setting: home, school and park.

The developer of the game, which is intended for children aged 6 and over, paid much attention to correctness and clarity of messages appearing throughout the game. An additional asset of the Detective Jolly Head Street of Secrets application is the “Family Friendly” functionality, which constitutes an educational element in the scope of responsible use of mobile devices. After a certain amount of time in the game, a message appears on the screen, suggesting a break.

During the break users can use the panel containing ideas for developmental activities they can do with their parents or friends in the “real world”. The activity suggestions will be related to the particular stage of the game that the child is playing at the time.


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Graphics © Splendid Stories – Detective Jolly Head Street of Secrets application.


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