Wearing various scary outfits and, accompanied by their parents, they were heading to Camden Palace where, Together-Razem Centre had prepared a big ‘Halloween Party’ for kids for the second year in a row.

Kids love playing dress-up. They can be anyone they like and that’s exactly what happened on that Sunday afternoon. All of the children were welcomed with goodies and drinks served in Halloween pumpkins. Together-Razem volunteers, dressed up in Halloween costumes, were circulating to make sure that no kids were left without candy.

The party kicked off at 3.00 p.m. with a magic performance. The magician was an Irish man who has been providing a unique style of entertainment that has captivated kids at large and small kid’s events for a number of years and made him well recognised in Cork. He pulled live rabbits from hats and used a huge sword to behead innocent bystanders without any harm coming to the bunnies or anyone losing their heads.

The afternoon was packed full of attractions as shown  in the photos.

Other attractions included a mini beauty salon where faces were painted and  nails were done. There was also a visual art area where kids were encouraged to experiment and explore their creativity with paint.

In the hall there were book stands where you could get a book or other painting materials or simply get information about the procedure to register as a voter in Ireland and the project ‘Voting Together’ and ‘Jesteśmy u siebie’. Thanks are given to The Gen. Sosabowski Scout troop from Cork for their assistance in group games and distribution of leaflets.

The party was a great success with 144 kids and 160 adults participating.

The highlight of the whole event was at the end with raffle in which every ticket was a winner. We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of Together-Razem programs and for their generosity in providing such lovely toys to the children attending the event. As one of the sponsors said: ‘It’s worth supporting this type of event because they are organised for families with children’.

Together-Razem would like to thank everyone: Beauty Centre Salon for the magic show and the Zagrzewie Scout Troop. Also, Busy Bees Art and Play, Marta Sagan, Douglas TV, Cargassystem, Patrick’s Cake, AB Acountancy, CoMix, Sausage Man, Crazy Kebab, Amandi, Dashi Deli, Wedlinka Shop, Sklep Pewex, Polish Shop, Carrigaline Stock Shop Merkury, Saba Art, Eter Fm, Mir, Mrs Kaja Horodynska, Mr Marek Horodynski and special thanks to volunteers from Together-Razem Centre Mrs Lila Maciejewska, Mrs Kasia Kaczor, Mrs Donata Wicha and Mrs Martyna Tomiczek and Marika.


Elżbieta Królik / Together-Razem Centre

Photo © Katarzyna Rokita



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