A competition “Outstanding Pole Abroad” is organized by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation, which among others rewards the best Polish products and services with the prestigious emblem”Teraz Polska” in cooperation with: Association “Wspolnota Polska”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Poland and the Polish President’s Office. The primary purpose of the contest is to create a positive image of Poles living abroad.

As every year, UCI Young Polish Norwegian Professionals is responsible for the organization of the project “Outstanding Pole” in Norway. The patronage under the event took nPortal.no, Link to Poland and Kvadrat Fotogafene photo studio.


The honorary patronage under the contest took the Embassy and the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Oslo.

Nominations may be submitted from all over Norway.

All candidates have to be citizens of Poland, or be a person of Polish descent that lives legally outside of Poland. A candidate can only be nominated in one category.

The granting of titles is followed in five categories: Business, Culture, Science, Personality and Young Pole.


Business – eligible candidates are those who conduct a documented business activity or hold distinguished positions in the corporate environment.

Culture – eligible candidates are those who create culture, composers, writers, poets, painters, etc., referring in the work to Poland, as well as those working for the promotion of Polish culture.

Science – eligible candidates are those who conduct research or a teaching activity which functions outside Poland.

Personality – eligible candidates are those who distinguished by activity, resourcefulness, initiative and are involved in extraordinary activities and initiatives, including but not limited to charitable character.

Young Pole – eligible candidates are under 35 years old that are successful in one of the above categories or whose activities bring profits to the local community and have an influence on creating a positive image of Poland and Poles in the local community.


The complete application should include:

– The application form with signatures of recommenders, minimum 5 people

– Curriculum Vitae with the reason of notification

– Agreement of the candidate to participate in the competition

– A statement of candidate about giving consent to the use of personal data


The winners of the last edition in Norway were:

Personality – Eugene Kuran, an activist of the Polish community, fighting for the presence of Polish historical experience in awareness of the Norwegian public opinion.

Culture – Liev Igor Devold, a film director, a lecturer at the Film School in Lillehammer, organizer and participant in events connected with the Polish and Norwegian cinematography.

Science – James M. Godzimirski, social anthropologist, political scientist, translator, researcher, a worker at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) since 1995.

Business – Vladimir Biel, honorary chairman of the Program Council and a managing director in Det Norske Veritas AS DNV Certification (certification body).

Young Pole – Mikael Pfanhauser, entrepreneur, the owner of the financial advisory business, specializing in real estate trading and insurances in Pfinans AS in Norway.

In addition, for promoting Polish culture Jury decided to give an honorable preference, which received Janina Januszewska – Skreiberg, a writer and animator of Polish culture in Norway, previously awarded with the medal “Deserved for Culture Gloria Artis”.


The competition is divided into the national stage and the global stage.

Application forms can be sent by 20 March, 2013, to the address uci.org @ gmail.com

The award ceremony and Final Gala of the “Outstanding Pole in Norway” will be held on 7 April this year in Konserthus in Oslo.


Photo © Paweł Arczewski


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