The proof of this is creation and development of the educational project called Polish Online Schools – Libratus (Polish: Polskie Szkoły Internetowe Libratus) which is addressed to children of Poles who reside abroad. The programme enables fulfilling the objectives of the Polish core curriculum during so-called home-schooling in which parents become tutors for their own children. Taking a classification exam is a condition necessary for completing a school year. This year, the exam was also organised in London during the weekends in May in order to facilitate access to the exam for Polish children residing abroad. During the past weekends (10-11 May and 17-18 May), the first exams were held in London. They all proceeded as planned. All the students obtained positive results. The examiners were impressed with their vast knowledge and Polish linguistic skills. Excellent contact between teachers and parents during the meeting when examinations were held must not remain unmentioned. Teachers took the initiative and explained the parents what they should work at with their children and how to reach the set goals. The parents appreciated such an interest and involvement of the teachers. They also emphasised the relevance and positive results of weekly online meetings with Polish teachers.

“These meetings keep the child in touch with the Polish language. They may revise the material, chat with their peers and present their skills, abilities or artistic talents. This way, we also broaden imagination and open the minds of our students” – says Anna Abramczuk – an early school education teacher who conducts the weekly Webinars for third grade students.

The online classes, as if transferred from a classroom to the Internet, consist of a lecture enriched with interesting presentations, films, an interactive whiteboard and games for the youngest children. Students participate in the classes in the active way by solving problems, riddles and puzzles together. They eagerly answer the teacher’s questions. At the end of each lesson, it is possible to discuss difficulties and problems encountered during learning a given portion of the material included in the platform. This option is used by both students and parents.

These lessons help students systematise and supplement their knowledge. Moreover, it is an opportunity to confront their knowledge with that of their peers. This is also a great help for parents. Such classes enable the Poles who reside abroad to gain information about teaching the Polish language to their children” – says Marzena Caban – an early school education teacher who also conducts weekly Webinars for first grade students.

The project was created five years ago and currently engages more than one thousand and three hundred students from eighty-four countries. Home-schooling with the help of the educational programme called Polish Online Schools – Libratus is continuously gaining new supporters all over the world since it helps children to keep in touch with the Polish language. The enrolment period for 2014/2015 has been extended to 31 May. Please, keep in mind that the number of participants is limited.


You can enrol at: Polish Online Schools – Libratus  


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