This year, Lang Team, as well as Zarząd Dróg Miejskich, made every effort to meet the requirements of all of the cyclists. We don’t need to worry about the attendance. A few days before the event, everything was signed and sealed. The only thing that left is to do is pray for a perfect weather on Saturday. – People strive after cycling, they love spending their free time on a bike. During Skandia Maraton Lang Team they can feel as if they were professional cyclists.– explains Czesław Lang.

To take part in the race you only need a helmet and a bike. Organizers will take care of the rest. You will get inter alia: package and a bib with a built-in chip used for electronic time measurement, a buffet during the race, regeneration meal at the finish line, and even the possibility to have your bike washed by Lang Team staff. There are four distances to choose – family parade, mini, medio, and the professional distance – grand fondo.

– Sport, as well as moving efficiently in a financial world, requires discipline and special preparations. We want to encourage Polish people to take care about their physical condition and thus we have been involved in Skandia Maraton Lang Team organization for years. We know that in life financial health is equally important. That is why every day we undertake a series of educational actions that support creating a so-called  financial awareness. Reaching a high efficiency in both areas of life will allow for pursuing dreams and goals more easily – says Paweł Ziemba, Chairman of Zarząd T.U. Skandia Życie S.A. You will find him amongst the participants of the race, just as one year ago.

Train will not interrupt

Zarząd Dróg Miejskich in Warsaw is a co-organizer of the race. – The route will be very similar to the one from the previous year, yet this time we will try to avoid meetings with a train in Konstancin! – quizzes Adam Sobieraj, press secretary of Zarząd Dróg Miejskich in Warsaw. Last year, cyclists had to race with the train to have enough time to cross the railroad crossing. This year, Zarząd Dróg Miejskich asked the carrier to take into account the cyclists. Train will not interrupt anymore. What is the concept of the race? – By this race we want to promote Warsaw as the city friendly for cyclists. For the last two years, i.e. since we have had a mayor who cares about bicycle traffic, lives of the bicycle lovers have been improving. We are also very glad that even Dutch embassy has involved in organizing the race – adds the secretary of Zarząd Dróg Miejskich.

Adam Sobieraj is already thinking about the next year’s edition. – I’m thinking of changing the route. I would like to show another part of our beautiful city next year.

Positive revolutions

Charity action “Pozytywne obroty” [“Positive revolutions”] is one of the novelties of this year’s cycle. The aim? Each one of you who will appear in the fan zone can sit on an exercise bike and travel several kilometers for children living in orphanages. Every kilometer travelled is worth one zloty that will go to the bank accounts of the children in need. To make the event even more interesting, we’re organizing a clash of cities. The best city, whose residents will travel the biggest amount of kilometers, gets a double number of points. For every participant of the event we have prepared sporting tube scarfs and other surprises.

Journalists at the starting line

During Skandia Maraton Lang Team also journalists compete. They fight for the title of Master of Poland. – When you see how the professionals get tired, you can start to think if taking part in such a challenge makes any sense. Of course it does! Whenever you have a chance to test yourself in conditions similar to the ones that the best competitors in a given discipline face, just try it. Especially in our trade, because then it is easier to understand a sportsman. You experience firsthand the meaning of the cycling expressions like “power cut” or “burning legs”. Cheating doesn’t make any sense – this is not a piece of cake, even if you ride only to cross the finish line and you’re not dreaming about a forefront – explains Jakub Wojczyński, a journalist from “Przegląd Sportowy”. This year, Poland’s Championship of Journalists takes place on a MINI distance (38km).

Enrolment only in the games’ office!

On Monday we finished keeping registers on the internet. You can still register in games’ office located in Park Agrykola. The office will be open the day before the games between 16:00 and 19:00 and on the day of games between 8:00 and 10:30.

This year we’re extending the number of races, after Warsaw we’re visiting serially Cracow (31.05), Bytów (14.06), BUKOVINA Terma Hotel Spa (28.06), Krokowa (5.07), Dąbrowa Górnicza (27.09) and Kwidzyn (4.10).


Source: Lang Team

Photo © Szymon Gruchalski /Tour de Pologne


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