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Warsaw Chopin Airport, jointly with the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of the Capital City of Warsaw (MPWiK), have launched on September, water fountains with free drinking water for the passengers in the transit area of the airport.

Have you ever thought about spending the summer holidays in Poland? You should, not only can you discover the most beautiful views in Europe, but also, after hours of hiking, you can also have a great time at one of the many festivals.

The Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin presents us with an opportunity to participate in numerous cultural events organised in Lublin.

Summer is a great season to visit some medieval castles and move back in time to age full of heroic stories, kings, knight tournaments, epic battles and sieges. Just like Game of Thrones except white walkers and dragons! Here are the top 10 picks where you can unleash your imagination!

Malbork Castle is a classic example of the biggest 15th-century medieval fortress in Europe, covering an area of 21 hectares. It was the Teutonic Order’s administrative centre. After winning the Battle of Grunwald, did the Polish king Jagiełło have the chance of taking Malbork? This question remains without answer. But it is worth considering the chances Jagiełło had, standing by the walls of the Malbork Castle. From July 21 to 23 it will be very noteworthy, because of the annual festival of medieval culture “Siege of Malbork”.