Parents speak to their children in Polish, they respond in English. They fully understand what is said to them, but do not want to reply in the same language. Ania, a fifth grade student, and her friends are Poles, but when meeting with each other they speak English. It comes as no surprise – the English language is better known to them than Polish, which is spoken only by their parents and their friends.

However, most of the Polish parents living abroad could not imagine that their child wouldn’t be able to speak Polish. They send their children to Polish Saturday schools or to their Polish family for holidays, while they also often teach their children their mother tongue by reading books together or watching Polish movies.

The portal for Polish diaspora conducts the social campaign “We speak Polish at home!”, which aims to popularise the needs of talking with children in Polish. We want Polish parents to pay more attention to this issue and encourage their children to talk in Polish, and improve their pronunciation.
In Polish media there are lots of articles, interviews, speeches from parents, teachers and authorities of many different areas on the subject. On, Facebook, YouTube, and web sites of media partners, one can find interviews with Polish parents and teachers.

The campaign is supported by Polish media abroad: Dziennik, Super Express, Kurier Plus, Tygodnik Plus, Polish Partner, White Eagle, NDTV Television, Radio Ramp, Radio AMPOL,,,,, and institutions: Polish Consulate of the Republic of Poland, Polish Supplementary School Centre, Polish Teachers Association in America, the Commonwealth of Poland.

Honorary Patron of the campaign: Professor Jan Miodek

Sponsors: WIZARD, Realty One Group, RUNOLAND USA

Organizer: Portal of Polish Diaspora:


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