The first phase of our project is to raise funds for a production of a 15-minute pilot episode. We decided to take a risk and, thanks to the help of our Polish friends who are filmmakers, to reduce the budget, but since we still need to rent equipment and cover the postproduction expenses, we are kindly asking you to support us.

We want to present Warsaw and its citizens as they are perceived by Jesús – young Spanish guy who, after having lost his father, rises to the challenge and visits his Polish friend Tomek. Unfortunately, Tomek is obliged to leave Warsaw urgently and so Jesús is left alone in the city he doesn’t know at all.  He doesn’t speak any Polish either… but he wants to stay in Warsaw. He is courageous, so he doesn’t give up, but bravely faces his everyday life. He needs to rent a flat, find himself flatmates, job…

This series is going to be bitter-sweet. It will show not only the Poles’ virtues, but also their defects. It will also bring us closer to the Spanish culture and will let us look at the ubiquitous stereotypes.


Why crowdfunding?

Jesús Garcia is a contemporary series. This is why we want to fund and present it using contemporary techniques. Until recently the spectator could only choose what he or she would like to watch. Now, thanks to the crowdfunding, the audience can choose what will be produced. But not only this! Spectators may take part in the process of creation of the project. If you would like to get more information on the subject, please visit the crowdfunding website.

One of the most spectacular examples of crowdfunding is the movie ”Iron Sky”, whose producers managed to raise over 1 million dollars – the sum that constituted a great part of the budget.

The time has come for the audience to decide!


The story

Jesús comes from Madrid. After his father’s death, Jesús takes not very sensible decision to take up a new life in Warsaw – the city where his Polish friend Tomek lives. Unfortunately, Tomek is obliged to leave Warsaw urgently and so Jesus is left alone in the city he doesn’t know at all.  He’s trying to face challenges of his new life: find himself flatmates, get a decent job, learn Polish, adapt to the habits of the new country, etc.

Undoubtedly, during all his achievements he will be meeting different people: other Spaniards, famous actors, noisy dresiarz (jock), arrogant businessmen, aggressive Polish language teacher, party students, with whom he won’t communicate so easily. Misunderstandings, parties, affairs, never-ending stories. In short, this series will show a very specific Poland from the perspective of a very specific Spaniard.

Jesús will have company in his adventures: Bo – his flatmate and protector as well as Fran – a very tiring Spanish TV-series, comics and computer games maniac, who spends more time in Jesús’ apartment then in his own. Jesus’ friends also have their own problems. Bo wants his jealous ex-boyfriend to live her alone. Fran, a 28-year-old kid, will need to get matured.


Who is this series for?

As this project is a contemporary comedy, our main aim, beyond any doubt, is to make people laugh. Life is too serious to look at it without sense of humour. The main theme of this series are relationships between young normal people from Spain and Poland. So who is this series for?

It is obviously for open people who like to discover things as well as to be discovered. For those who have been to Spain or out of Poland and felt like Jesús feels in Warsaw. For those who know and like Spanish culture as well as for those who know and like Polish culture. For those who like to laugh at themselves, to like to learn foreign languages and to try out new things.

In short, this series is for everyone.


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