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On the beginning of the summer, we asked our Instagram Friends for sharing with us their opinions and photos from their favorite Polish cities, countryside, places, events and impressions about Polish food, people, emotions…
Greg Spring is an American photographer living in Kraków. He agreed to share his story and some of his beautiful pictures with us. So, let us introduce to you an amazing man and his magical Kraków!

Do you actually understand all the mannerisms and quirks of your Polish friends and neighbours? Why is your friend Marek so reluctant to shake hands when greeting you at the door? Why does Anna hold a button on her blouse whenever she sees a chimney sweeper? This book will give you the answers to these questions and more!

CNN’s “On the Road” has featured Poland recently. As a part of it CNN has published more information and a picture gallery dedicated to Polish Street Art. One of the artists featured is Natalia Rak, with whom we are in touch and we present a part of her work today.

The series called “Foreign eyes on Poland” presents the profiles of people who have any connection to Poland or who have found their home in Poland, or just a favorite place for vacation where they like to return. We will be asking them questions like; what surprised them the most and how the Poles are perceived by foreign eyes; how Poland differs from their country of origin; and whether the behavior of people is different? We will ask them many other issues. Today Thijmen from The Netherlands.