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La Metamorphose brand has been created by two sisters: Ewa Gawkowska and Małgorzata Szczęsna. Their latest collection, Mystere, will be presented on 9 September during the Brand supports Brand show in Gdynia. Today we invite you to the world of La Metamorphose where the art of design is combined with creative imagination and the magic of style. Our guide is Ewa Gawkowska.

Five editions of the Pole of The Year in The Netherlands contest are behind us. Once celebrating this jubilee we begin a series of the interviews with the winners of the contest. How are the Polish entrepreneurs perceived in The Netherlands? What is important to pay attention to one doing business in The Netherlands? We ask these questions Kris Florek, the only one winner up to now of the two prizes in the contest, laureate of Business and Internet Users Prize 2014.

Studio Project at the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is an opportunity for young and talented designers recommended by the Programme Committee to present their collections. One of the laureates at the 13th Fashion Week Poland was Marta Kuszyńska. She presented her Shiraz Collection, which refers to the abundance and flair of the Middle East. Silk, organza, cotton with satin finish, jacquard, lace, manually sewn sequins and ornaments, attracted the attention and delighted everyone gathered at the fashion show.

After the show we asked Marta Kuszyńska about her collection, inspirations and plans for the future.