The idea of the project was born at the beginning of June, in which Barbara Czyżewska took part. Credit is given to Barbara for her participation in the course as a coordinator of the campaign Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom  During the 5 th Training of Polish Leaders of Western Europe, which took place at the turn of June and July, the project has been presented as one of few various ideas of leaders from different sides of Europe at the public forum. At this year’s training representatives too part from various environments of Polish education, the project met a warm welcome and the following subjects joined it: Magdalena Ihnatowicz’s Polish School in Bergen – Norway, Partycja Lentowszczyk-Chichocka’s Polish School in Clonmel and Sylwia Gołębiewska-Jakubas’s Polish School in Dundal from Republic of Ireland, “Polinka” School in Toulouse – France with which co-operates Joanna Danielska, IDHEM Association from Den Haag in Netherlands with which Polish classes for children organizes Sylwia Wessel and Polish ABC upon “Polonik” Association in Udine – Italy, whose president is Dorota Stromidło. In September, other centres joined the project: Polish School in Milan and Saturday School of Culture and Polish Language in Napoli both in Italy, additionally The European Club upon The Unity of Public Schools in Kobyłka – Poland.

Besides celebrating Julian Tuwim’s Year, acquainting Polish children with his timeless output, the project’s goal was to make parents conscious of how much wealth is carried in children’s literature and the necessity of using it in everyday education as well as in homes and in institutions which will teach them the Polish language and the opportunity to realise it at the same time in many places, it reached the extra goal – it enabled to connect first, and we hope that not last, contacts between institutions that are away from each other.  All institutions have been prepared overall with the script of meeting, equivalent posters in an electronic version and diplomas to use during the realisation of the project. The photo report from actions of all institutions is available on the following website: Polska Ludoteka Rodzinna.  The relations from the next ventures were uploaded by particular co-organisers on their own websites and social networks.

The author of the posters for co-organisers was Mr. Karol Gruszczyński, a graduate from this years School of Polish Leaders from Scotland.

The project was held under media patronage of  Link to Poland, Nasz Świat and Moja Bancarella.

The venture in Udine, was held under the patronage of Polish General Consulate in Milan and in Den Haag – Polish Embassy in Netherlands. Patronage under the venture in Kobyłka took the mayor of the city and in this project actors took part from the TVP2 series “M jak miłość”.

In the project 365 children also took part, 181 parents and 10 institutions from 6 countries.

For all institutions which took part in the project, Polska Ludoteka Rodzinna will send memorial diplomas and calendars to the co-ordinators with Ludoteka’s logo in December.


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